7 Layer Film Hermetic Bags

The affordable & economical packaging solution
For the safe transport and storage of dry agricultural commodities

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Rishi Hermetic Bags are made up of ultra-high barrier PRO 7 layer films. Our bags comes with a superior air, gas and water resistant properties which helps to create a modified atmosphere inside the bag. It stops insect infestations and inhibits the growth of fungal contaminants without affecting the aroma, colour and freshness.



    • Maintains heat inside the bag
    • Seals the aroma inside
    • Retains the flavour and quality of the product
    • Good temperature tolerance (-30°C to 90°)
    • Oil and solvent resistant.
Pro 7 Hermetic Bags-Grain Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Hermetic Bags-Rishi FIBC-Grain Bag


Rishi FIBC LINER provide solution for the safe and protected transportation of dry agricultural commodities. It is an ideal FIBC for preventing grain or seed damage due to condensation and insect infestation while in transit. It comes with a liner and the outer bag, as well as a spout at the bottom that allows the easy discharge of grains. These bags are of high capacity and have baffles inside them to prevent from bulging, this helps in keeping the shape of the bags intact for long term storage.


      • Keeps the product fresh for a long time as the liner has hermetic property.
      • Saves space in warehouses because of the baffle effect and helps in easy stacking.


Our 7 layer hermetic container liners are specially designed to protect and preserve the quality of dry agricultural commodities transported in the shipping containers.



    • The hermetic container liner provides moisture and gas barrier properties which reduces the effects of condensation and restricts the entry of moisture content air which facilitates the growth of fungus.
    • Provides safe, clean and hygienic bulk packaging solutions for all products.
    • Reduce the packaging and handling cost.
Hermetic Bags-Container Liner-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides fully Integrated World Class Facility for FIBC, Woven & LDPE container liners, flexitanks,  Silo bags, Specialty barrier films, BOPP bags and more.
  • Quality and Hygiene is the foremost in our mind. It is our mindset that has made us FIBC bag manufacturer of choice the world over.
  • We have been awarded a number of prestigious certificates based on our service and production ability like BRC rating ‘AA’, ISO – 9000, 14000, 22000, AIB and more.
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